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Welcome to Dirt!

Dirt is the Saint Ann's School environmental website. This new space will provide the school with a forum to share updates on internal sustainable projects as well as the global climate crisis.  We hope that students and faculty members will use the online platform to explore and contribute to the environmental cause in a new and interactive way.

If you're interested in contributing, please email us at - we love your input!


Who we are:

  • Editors in Chief: Lucy K. and Agnes G. 

  • Blog Coordinators: Agnes G. and Luca S.

  • Editors: Lucy B, Antonia C, Andy P, and Alexandra T.

  • Writers: Lucy B, Andy P, Alexandra T, Effie T, Miles T, and Nicholas Z.

  • Artists: Fernanda A,  Alison M, Elliot M, and Pia M-P.

  • Photographers: Julia B, Jane C, and Katrina N.

  • Special Thanks to: JP, Yolanda C, Alex D, Eli F, Lou K, Patty T, Ted T, Vince T, and the Saint Ann's Green Team.