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Daniela Gioseffi, eco-poet

Dirt Editor

On February 26th, the Green Team was delighted to host long-time activist Daniela Gioseffi, as a guest speaker.  Ms. Gioseffi began her career in activism as a Civil Rights advocate at WSLA-TV, a radio station run out of Selma, Alabama, in 1961.  A long time advocate of tolerance, Ms. Gioseffi has also dedicated herself to feminist and multicultural awareness causes, as well as the environmentalist movement.  


Ms. Gioseffi is the editor-in-chief of both and, the latter being a site devoted solely to poetry with a strong ecological emphasis or message.  An accomplished writer, she uses her talent to support and promote awareness about the environment. At the end of our meeting, the Green Team was delighted to hear Ms. Gioseffi read her own eco-poetry, which is available at


Ms. Gioseffi shared fantastic expertise on environmentalism as a political movement with the Green Team.  She stressed the importance of having a broad base of supporters, and how a large volume of individual action could help the environmentalism movement achieve it goals.  Her insights showed us a way to connect local action, such as spreading the importance of conservation, to political action.


A complete video of our meeting with Ms. Gioseffi will be posted soon.  We encourage everyone to watch it!


          ~ Lucy B.