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Hillary, say NO to KXL!


Hillary, say NO to KXL!

Dirt Editor


On Monday April 13th, Green Team attended a 350NYC rally urging 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to take a stand against the Keystone XL pipeline. Hillary Clinton has previously dodged questions about her position on the pipeline, so about thirty protesters gathered outside the Clinton campaign headquarters at one Pierrepont Plaza, chanting and holding signs saying, “I’m ready for Hillary to say NO to KXL”. At the rally a student from Columbia University revealed about how pristine areas of Boreal Forest in Alberta had been stripped away in order to extract oil from tar sands. One protester who had visited Alberta described the extraction area as a “lifeless mud pit where nature had once been.” The point of the rally was not to call out Hillary, but rather to encourage her to separate herself from the Republican candidates by taking a more progressive stance on the larger issue of climate change. Hopefully protests like these will help push politicians to make environmentally conscious decisions so that our country can have a sustainable and prosperous future.

~Simon P